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Billboard Hot 80

Featuring the Newest and most Hottest Tracks from many Newcomers and Viral Artists. Your Weekly mix of the Hottest 80 Songs.

Get your Track placed and receive 800-1100 Streams per day. Get Discovered by Spotify's Redaction Team, Land a secure Editorial Placement in the future, or land a safe Algorhitmic Spot.

Playlist Placement Benefits

  • 01

    Number Growth

    Reach over 800-1100 Streams per day and over 30,000+ Streams per month. Clean and professional-looking profile in Stream and Monthly listeners growth.

  • 02


    Increase your Artist Suggestions, Search Algorithm finding, better Weekly Radar suggestions, and Editorial Placement chances.

  • 03


    Get paid for every Stream. Earn up to $8 per 1,000 Streams or $80 per 10,000 Streams. The longer you stay, the more Royalties you can collect.

  • 04

    Catalog Placement

    You can place more Tracks from your Artist Profile, resulting in more results mentioned above. The more Tracks you put, the better the results will be and the more Streams and Royalties you can gain.